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Client Pascal Dusapin
Year 2014
Partners Thierry Coduys
Le Lieu Unique
Duration 3 jours
Place Donaueschingen, Germany
Tools IanniX

“This project of an installation is based on the marks and recollection of visual and music affects. In the darkness of a large space, wide surface transparent veils are suspended and thrown in staggered rows, veils on which are projected numerous muddled writings as heavenly strands. This writing is mine, the one I use to compose my music but totally disconnected from its technical protocol. In a sense, a music written only for the eye and which is illegible due to its own reproduction by the mean of the IanniX software developed by Thierry Coduys and Guillaume Jacquemin.

In the course of time, I imagined that this plastic semiotic could be structured on a three dimensions space. The image is that a of a palimpseste ceaselessly unstable, the evocation of a transcription gesture that is more free than a significant network of symbols. I’ve been practising this writing for a long time. It has always been a way of thinking music before composing it, and its challenges my normalized and binding writing, the one of my daily life…

These veils of writing are animated by three video projectors placed face on, in triangular points, broadcasting a white crystalline calligraphy on black, of stellar appearance. It is a question of discovering a spatial form where the repetitive arrangement of elements is in gap, line-by-line, edge-to-edge in order to propose to the audience a contemplation from a diagonally immersion.

The music broadcast by loudspeakers is a ‘sculpture of winds’. These natural tones are the oldest one I remember about…”

Pascal Dusapin

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The core of the installation is a generative system that we designed. This dynamic process analyzes drawings of Pascal Dusapin (thanks to Computer Vision algorithms) and allows them to be animated (oscillation, scaled, rotated, tinted). There is no video synthesis or video effects; the video-projection is only made using the transformations of original drawings. All the 66 drawings are used for one cycle of the installation (approx. 15mn). The order of drawings changes each cycle, making the installation each time different.

The whole installation is driven by IanniX. This sequencer allows Pascal Dusapin to write down a fifteen minutes visual ”composition” with an extreme precision on time, intensity, density…

The installation is also made of 18 special fabrics that have very particular optical properties. Some of them are fully transparent whereas others can diffract light or reflect on the floor. The organization of these screens has been specially designed to offer multiple points of view for the audience. They are free to move around and inside the installation.

Le cœur de l'installation repose sur un système génératif spécialement développé pour l'installation. Un algorithme dynamique de traitement des images analyse et découpe les dessins de Pascal Dusapin afin de les animer (oscillations, dimensions, rotations, teinte…). Il n'y a aucun autre effet vidéo ou ajout graphique; la vidéo-projection est intégralement constituée des transformations des dessins originaux. Les 66 dessins sont utilisés dans chaque cycle de l'installation (approx. 15mn) et l'ordre des dessins est modifié à chaque cycle ; l'installation est donc à chaque fois différente.

L'installation est pilotée par IanniX qui permit à Pascal Dusapin d'écrire les 15mn de sa « composition » visuelle avec une très grande précision sur le temps, l'intensité, la densité…

L'installation est faite de 18 tulles aux propriétés optiques spéciales : certains sont transparents ou opaques, d'autres réflectifs ou diffractants la lumière sur le sol… L'organisation des écrans a été spécialement conçue pour offrir différents points de vue au visiteur, qui est libre de se déplacer autour et dans l'installation.

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